Our story of
We want to take two decades of project management, digital marketing and business acumen working with clients of every conceivable size and help grow your business here and now/

The intersection of our skills is the solution to your business problems

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Project Management

We have experience tackling project challenges with numerous frameworks and toolkits. Chances are we’ve encountered your issues before and have ideas on how to approach them.

Digital Marketing

We can develop and design effective websites, content plans, advertising campaigns, landing pages and measurement for all of them. Let us help you build your business.

Sales Pipeline Acceleration

Reliable revenue is critical for business stability. We can audit your current means of prospecting and lead generation, and devise ways to create more meetings and opportunities.

Experience really
does matter
Having worked with with everything from local Winnipeg businesses to seven figure Fortune 100 mega projects:
  • Brand relaunch projects with critical deadlines and novel requirements
  • Loyalty programs with millions of dollars in prizing at stake
  • Projects with over a dozen different specialist agencies sometimes working at cross-purposes
  • Clients with poor sales pipelines relying only on unpredictable word of mouth referrals for new business
Why Should You Choose Us

Can you afford to put your business in the hands of an inexperienced marketer or project manager? Start making progress.

Safety First
We take great pains to secure your data and make sure all work is documented and backed up.
Mobile Centric Design
We know that everyone is addicted to their phones and we won't ignore the impact this should have on your business.
Measurement Plans
We make sure tactics have a measurement plan in place before they are executed.
Ready to dig in
We want to talk and listen and get to know your business inside and out. It's the only way to make miracles happen.
Raise your profile
We want to see you soar to new heights and are focused on what will help you break through the clutter and command new respect, revenue and success
Build on Success
By implementing a solid plan and interpreting the results we can keep your business moving and shaking.
Basically, we love a good challenge
Our Approach
Break down big challenges into little pieces, then sort/rank those pieces by complexity and potential value and you have the beginning of a solid plan.
Our Philosophy
“Never let the future disturb you. You will meet it, if you have to, with the same weapons of reason which today arm you against the present. ” – Marcus Aurelius
A regular manitoba family guy

Studied at University of Manitoba, Asper School of Business earning a Bachelor’s of Commerce degree with a specialization in Entrepreneurship and Small Business. Also completed a certificate course at Red River College in Interactive Games Development.

Raising a family of three sons and one daughter in old Saint Boniface in partnership with my wife. I have strong ties with the community through my parish of St Bernadette, the Knights of Columbus and support several local charities.

Joel loves hiking and camping whenever possible all throughout Manitoba and Canada’s great parks with his family. He also loves spending time playing beach volleyball, curling, playing board or video games, and cooking for leisure time activities.